Based on the decision of the Minister of Commerce No. (243 / s) and the date of 1433/06 / 10   20/05/2012
Asas for the development and operation of industrial cities (limited liability Company) was established on 14/7/1433 Authority for industrial cities and Technology Zones

- On the date of 15/9/1433  3/8/2012 Asas was baptized to manage and operate the following industrial cities:

1- Obeikan private Industrial City

2-  Al-Fanar private Industrial City

3-water and Engery private industrial city

4-  Al-Ajimi private Industrial City

In 2016 two industrial cities were added:

5- The area south of the Second Industrial City

6- Industrial Gate City


Our Vision

The private and government industrial cities should be a distinctive and attractive environment for investment, housing and work in the world..

Our Message

 Providing high quality administrative, operational and logistic services to the industry by creating an environment conducive to sustainable growth and an attractive and competitive economic and social environment.

Our values

  • Justice and Integrity
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Quality and Excellence
  • Transparency
  • Continuous learning